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“In that scene where Dean tells Sam that he’s the grunt, he’s the one who should take them on, so Sam can go on and live a long and happy “normal” life, the scene got very emotional. They went with a more stoic version because they felt that fit the scene better, but apparently both actors got caught up in the emotions for some of the takes.”

- 2013’s NJ Con [x]

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I hope that emotion was bitter amusement expressed by shrieks of laughter, given the way Dean behaved when Sam did go on to live a nice life without him.

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SXF Magazine October 2014 Issue

Text for Tired Eyes

Not many genre shows stay alive for ten years, but SUPERNATURAL hits that decade-long milestone this autumn when it returns to find the Winchester brothers in dire straits once more. Dean (Jensen Ackles) essentially died in the season finale and was resirrected as a black-eyed demon via Crowley (promoted series regular Mark Sheppard). That leaves Sam on a mission to find his brother with the help of Crowley and mortal Castiel (Misha Collins).

Showrunner Jeremy Carver reveals to SFX that the series will open with a tweak structure. „I’m excited we’re not doing a classic Big Bad mythology“, Carver explains. „If anything, our Big Bad right at the get go is the fact that Dean is a demon. We’re also laying some very personal building blocks, not just for Sam and Dean but for Crowley and castiel as well. If we achieve lift-off, it will feel even more impactful as the season goes on because people will be forced into certain corners. It’s not nescessarily a question of good and evil – more „I’ve got to do what I gotta do“. It will raise some very uncomfortable choices for people.“

In particular carver says the show will dig deep into the conundrum of whether Sam crosses a moral line in his search for Dean. „Part of that is playing off fan expectations in that in our hearts we all desperately want brothers to look for brothers. It’s almost the challende of „What are you willing to accept Sam doing to find and rescue his brother?“ It’s meant to open up those kinds of questions and we do go into it in great detail in the first run of episodes.“

The show will also explore new characte parings that Carver hopes will keep the characters fresh deep into the series run. „The Dean/Crowley relationship sprung up last year when they realized they were bros in a way. It’s an uncomfortable thing and we’ll see that continue this year. They are truly doing what they promised which is howl at the Moon. But I think Dean would be foolish to think Crowley didn’t have a couple of other plans as well – which starts to get these two guys questioning just what this relationship is.

Carver continues, „And Sam is working with Castiel, actually apart at first. Castiel is not in good shape and would rather not be a burden in Sam’s search for Dean so he’s taking one for the team lying low. It will cause him to go on a journey of his own which will be very personal and have far-reaching impact for the year.“

Can I just say how freaking excited this small snippet makes me? There aren’t all that many new spoilers in here, but the way Carver words some things is VERY interesting to me. Especially the part about the Big Bad and the personal journeys for all characters involved.

Also 1: Can we please talk about that picture of Demon!Dean in the bar??? Because hello there gorgeous!!! Really, that hair needs to stay!

Also 2: Is he looking especially young to anybody else here as well?

Demon!Dean gimme NOW!!!!!

I love the focus on the personal issue, changes, choices. I really love the way Carver takes the show.

And for the boys , and Cas, to be separated, will allow each of them to define himself, for better or for worse. and for us to get some Sam’s POV, which I really need ! 

'It’s almost the challenge of “What are you willing to accept Sam doing to find and rescue his brother?” It’s meant to open up those kinds of questions and we do go into it in great detail in the first run of episodes.'

This is genuinely an interesting question to me. Will the people who got really angry at Sam about his ‘failure’ to look for Dean after Season 8 be happy if Sam goes to (whatever extreme) in order to find him at the start of this season? Or will they instead decide that Sam has gone too far and that he has become ‘more of a monster’ than Dean? I am properly curious to find out.

I am 99% sure that whatever Sam does, he will be raked over the coals and crucified, while whatever Dean does will be excused by he became a demon so we can’t hold him responsible. Dean has already been exculpated in fandom for becoming a demon by fans saying he did it because Sam was mean to him. This ignores the actual timeline, but it has become the narrative in large swathes of fandom.  I really, really HATE that the writers are already touting the idea that Sam as a human is intrinsically WORSE than Dean as a demon.

I agree to every word percysowner

"You always told me we should never fear tomorrow, professor. This is a new day.”



The show has been saying bad things about Sam and good things about Dean (with a severe lack of evidence, I might add) for seasons, and some people just want to believe it so much they fall for it every time.

I feel freakin’ bad for you if Dean Winchester is telling you what’s what and is your guide to morality on the show, okay. Dean criticism is not a mortal sin, oh my god.

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding Queer!Sam week and Queer!Dean MONTH about how Dean fans will just shove Sam to the side any chance they get (or try to one up him), and that Sam never gets anything for himself.

And then they made the startling realization that these Dean fans are mirroring the Show. The narrative that always paints Dean as right—because, even if viewers may see him as doing something morally wrong, the Show REWARDS him for his decision to handle something that way. It proves him right in his decisions by making Sam (and others) do something that ends in a clusterfuck, which Dean warned about. HOWEVER, when Dean does the clusterfuck, we get crew (and narrative) saying shit like, “Oh, but who’s the real monster here, Sam?” Because, apparently, Sam’s done something immoral. They need him do something more immoral, say that it’s worse than the immorality of a demon, so that Sam can always be the bad son.

It’s stupid.


If you think about it potatoes don’t really get all that much credit

they’re fucking awesome

this one thing here


can be made into:

different variations of fries







It can be made into chips


or ruffly 


you can make hashbrowns with it



even a salad


add some fuckin cheese to those potatoes


you can have it sliced and diced


or baked


you can make tater tots


hell you can even eat the skin


or just have little potato nuggets


thank u potatoes

potato appreciation post

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He risked it all, and he was right (Uncanny X-Men v2 019)

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